About Us

In June 2020 I got married (after many attempts - thanks Coronavirus) to Reb (who doesn’t quite share my enthusiasm for crisps but I’ll forgive her) and we have a 6 year old son called Reuben (who is waaaaaaay too enthusiastic about crisps). Crisps have gotten me through a lot of tough times after just finishing my undergraduate degree in Theology in Belfast.

In May, one of our crisp-loving friends had a birthday coming up and it was obvious we had to send him some crisps. The first thing we did was google search Crisp Hampers but we couldn’t find them anywhere online - so we made our own! And Crisp Hampers NI was born. ⠀

After a lot of researching and dreaming, I became confident that I could offer crisp lovers a hamper which they could mix and match their favourite sharebags of crisps and send them to a friend or treat themselves.⠀

It approached the day of what would have been our original wedding date and to be honest our hearts were sore. So what better way to distract ourselves than by launching Crisp Hampers NI, while munching on a tube of Pringles. ⠀

Growing up in a family who ran a family business, I always aspired to run a business of my own and joining this with my (questionably unhealthy) love of crisps creates the perfect combination. ⠀

I love preparing the crisp hampers with the most funny, quirky, question-asking colleague (Reuben) knowing that some of them are being gifted to crisp lovers all around the world ⠀

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far. Keep your eye out for lots more content, giveaways and a 6 year old (and me) eating too many crisp sandwiches 🥪👀